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Interpreting Line, Inc. has a deep understanding of the needs of business – especially where language services are concerned.  Every business, even within the same industry, is unique – with a unique set of needs, goals, and challenges. 

Certain requirements are shared by every enterprise, however.  Your business needs language services that deliver absolute accuracy: translation and interpretation  that is literal and exact, line-for-line – while capturing the meaning of what the communicator wishes to convey.  Even within a common language, a word or phrase can mean different things from country to country, region to region.  From language to language, a word or phrase can have a very different meaning. Capturing the true meaning is essential.  Our services account for these regional and linguistic differences.

True accuracy is only part of the equation.  You also demand that your needs be fulfilled on time.  You require strict confidentiality.  You need flexibility, resourcefulness, and collaborative teamwork – both from your language-services provider and the actual personnel working on your project.  And you need a wide range of language services.  You need precision, personalized to your enterprise’s needs.

Interpreting Line, Inc. offers you experienced translators and interpreters, selected from the best professionals available.  With nearly three decades’ experience as a translator and instructor, our President, Carlos Calvo, has personally trained and selected the language-services professionals who will support your enterprise’s specific needs.

Interpreting Line, Inc. offers a wide range of services for local companies, as well as those visiting Las Vegas for conferences and conventions.  These services include:

  • Translation
  • Interpretation
  • Transcription
  • Corporate Training
  • Conference/Convention Services
  • Bilingual Voice-Overs (Multimedia)

Our language-service professionals can provide expert, accurate translations of every possible document or recording.  Whether you have advertising and marketing materials with specific meanings that must be conveyed from one language to another - massive, complex technical documents or financial reports - spoken transcripts of lengthy meetings - Interpreting Line, Inc. is ready to meet and exceed your expectations.  We can often supply interpreters and translators certified, registered and trained for, or with extensive professional experience, in your company’s specific industry sector. Interpreting Line, Inc. has an extensive network of professionals with deep experience in language services for the legal, medical, and insurance sectors, as well as many others.

Our interpreters are available as representatives at public meetings, conventions and conferences, as well as top-level meetings where rapid translation and attention to subtle meanings is essential.  Our goal is to help you achieve flawless communication with your intended audience – or between any participants with whom you need to communicate.

As in all of the services we offer, Interpreting Line, Inc. guarantees the strictest confidentiality in the interpretation between your parties.

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