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ABOUT Interpreting Line, Inc.

Interpreting Line, Inc. is located minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip. We provide a wide range of precise, personalized language services to nationwide and global clients.

Interpreting Line, Inc. offers clients an array of language services. Our professional services include interpretation, translation, language training, and testing at your offices, your offsite meeting location, or our own facilities – the choice is yours. We also offer language-services support for conferences, conventions, and training sessions; and bilingual voice-overs for recorded multimedia presentations.


We accurately convey both the letter and the meaning of what is being interpreted or translated. Interpreting Line, Inc. provides accurate services that capture meanings – a word-for-word literal translation or interpretation, normalized, accounting for cultural or regional nuances, that reflects the speaker’s or writer’s original meaning. This gives you the most accurate document or record possible. This “translates” into more effective communication with clients, customers, and employees. For legal work, ensuring a truly precise translation or interpretation provides a more useful (and ultimately, truly accurate) record for attorneys and the Court.

What makes Interpreting Line, Inc. different from other language-services providers?

Most translation services are run by experienced translators. Our president, Carlos Calvo, takes expertise to a new level. Mr. Calvo trains translators and interpreters. He has over 8,000 hours of classroom time teaching interpretation and translation in California and Nevada. He trains court, medical and administrative interpreters and translators for state certification. As a result, Mr. Calvo has access to hundreds of specialists, in a unique position to expertly evaluate their skill levels and innate abilities. He then selects only the very best, most professional specialists to provide the highest-quality language services for you and your company. That’s precision, personalized for your company’s needs.


Interpreting Line, Inc. specializes in language services to the legal industry, and to corporate clients. In addition to Southern Nevada-based companies, millions of corporate visitors from thousands of businesses come to Las Vegas each year for conventions, retreats, and conferences. Interpreting Line, Inc. stands ready to serve all of you.

Industries Interpreting Line, Inc. has served with precise, personalized language services include:

  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Banking & Finance
  • Government
  • Entertainment
  • Media


Carlos A. Calvo has been providing language services to corporate and government clients for nearly three decades. A court interpreter certified by the Judicial Council of California - Administrative Office of the Courts, Mr. Calvo has provided his services to county, state and federal courts, as well as attorneys, since 2001.

Mr. Calvo is not merely a highly-seasoned language-services provider; he trains translators and interpreters for certification. He is an instructor at the Southern California School of Interpretation, on campus and online. At this institution he teaches the art of interpretation, with heavy emphasis on preparation for certification in the fields of law and medicine. The classes he teaches include advanced courses for already-experienced translators. Only his best students are selected and invited to support the projects of Interpreting Line, Inc. clients.

With an extensive background in business, Mr. Calvo understands his clients’ needs for absolute precision, professionalism, punctuality, and confidentiality in the services Interpreting Line, Inc. provides – and delivers to these exacting standards, without compromise. To provide the best language services, more is required than just technical proficiency; an interpreter or translator must create a rapport with the client and the parties involved in the translation, as well as be resourceful, quick-thinking, energetic and self-disciplined. Mr. Calvo draws on his experience to impress the importance of these qualities on the personnel who will serve Interpreting Line, Inc.’s clients.

Mr. Calvo is a native of Argentina. In addition to his unmatched experience in the provision of language services, he has provided sales, marketing, import-export, and finance services to U.S.- and South America-based companies.


The experts at Interpreting Line, Inc. have decades of combined experience in delivering a wide range of language services, through certified, registered and professionally trained providers, to local, state and federal courts – as well as private law firms – throughout California, Nevada and other States.  Our interpreters and translators deliver absolutely accurate services that capture both the literal letter and the meaning of what has been said and written.  We do it on deadline.  And we guarantee your absolute confidentiality.

Our services are available for the largest cases – or on a per diem basis.  Certified, registered and professionally trained providers are available to interpret a day’s worth of courtroom proceedings – or months of lengthy depositions.  Interpreting Line, Inc. can produce notarized translations of an afternoon’s transcripts – or for thousands of pages of testimony, proceedings, motions, briefs, and other records.  Our company can provide the facilities and equipment needed for bilingual testimony and reporting – or we can do our work for you at your offices.  The choices are limited only by the extent of your needs – Interpreting Line, Inc. can handle them all.  That’s precision, personalized to your needs.

Interpreting Line Inc. courtroom and legal language services include:

  • Interpretation
  • Translation
  • Transcription
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